The Francfort Consulting Group risk avoidance strategy is designed and builted to deflet risk in order to minimize the costly and disruptive consequences of damanaging exposure that place your organisation in an adverse outcomes.

The Francfort Consulting Group setting up an organization-wide
risk framework does not mean all responsibility for risk is transferred to the risk management function. Rather, integrating the risk function has benefits of improving risk management performance for the rest of the business. “Risk management can be a value-add to the organization in a risk conscience and a risk culture.

  • Continous and iterative assessment of risks
  • Develop, ressource and implement risk avoidance strategy
  • Cleary define a set of evaluation
  • Event investigation, root cause analysis and follow up
  • Establih thresholds and criteria for actively avoidance
  • A close partnership with user and stakeholder
  • Pro active, structured and holistic risk avoidance strategy
  • Effectiveness of risk avoidance, lower probabilities of events
  • Minimize adverse effect of risk, Protect valuable assets and intangible ressources
  • operational units, accounting department and IT.

For further details regarding The Francfort Consulting Group RISK AVOIDANCE features please contact us. We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.