The Francfort Consulting Group enables companies to evaluate comprehensive key figures and conduct continous analysis to achieve margin and cash for business.

Indeed, it is the main lever to reduce the working capital requirement and therefore improve cash flow and the investment capacity of your company. Our DSO management approach it base on some actions : (correcting trend, managing change for improvement). It should provide a benefit of reaching a goal that contributes to yours organization’s success.

  • Settlement and billing process with revenue management
  • Reduce the working capital requirement
  • Clock work precision
  • Forecasting and adjustment of DSO
  • Collect effieciently your invoice
  • Sustainable releasing of liquidity and generation of P&L effect
  • Short payback peroid throught realizing the potential
  • Increase of financing capacity
  • Optimisation of the process quality
  • Improve the creditworthiness of the business

For further details regarding The Francfort Consulting Group DSO Management features please contact us. We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.