Throughout The Francfort Consulting Group history, it has established and implemented policies, procedures, and internal controls in order to ensure the objectivity and integrity of its report.  The policies that comprise The Francfort Consulting Group’s Code of Ethics describe our current policies and procedures germane to our commitment to following the core values that drive the way we conduct our business – objectivity, integrity, and transparency.

The Francfort Consulting Group Code of Conduct, which is a key component of the Code of Ethics, reflects objectives of the IOSCO Code of Conduct Fundamentals for Consulting Agencies.  The current version of each of the The Francfort Consulting Group policies that represent The Francfort Consulting Group Code of Ethics is available on demand.

All market participants and the public are welcome to have a voice regarding The Francfort Consulting Group report, research and its policies, including raising questions, concerns, or complaints.


We are a global consulting company work with companies and government to achieve high performance by combining integrated risk management capabilities and deep knolwlegde of industrie to create and increase economic returns and stakeholder confidence.

We stay close to what affects the business of our clients and each day we find ourselves in exciting and challenging environments within a wide range of different types of companies – from multinational banks and insurance companies, to small fund managers and securities firms. No matter what size or type of business, we always provide advice that will work in practice and lead to clear business benefits for our clients.

The Francfort Consulting Group has a strong and positive company spirit, characterized by commitment, modesty and delivery. We are firm believers in individual freedom and flexibility combined with the strengths and structure of a coordinated group.