Today, Managing operationnal risk is no longer an afterthought for organizations. Instead, it must be at the fore- front for achieving organizational goals. Organizations need the proper resources, pro- cesses, and technology to monitor and manage operational risk. They must also minimize the duration and impact of any events that do occur.

Driven by the need for greater predictability, greater efficiency, and reduced effort, organizations require integrated solutions and a unified, comprehensive approach to managing operational risk and compliance. Manual, ad hoc, or individualized responses are no longer adequate. Information and responses cannot be dated or reactive, but must be relevant and timely.

With The Francfort Consulting Group you can thus implement a standardised cash collection policy even beyond national boundaries – while still allowing for country-specific requirements. In addition, The Francfort Consulting Group enable to reduce the cost and effort of managing operationnal risk while protecting revenue streams and optimizing financial performance. The Francfort Consulting Group leveraging best practices and providing a scalable enterprise platform. This enables proactive prevention of risk events and compliance violations, allowing organizations to embed programs into strategy and planning.

  • Effective reporting on policies and controls
  • Reduce risk and compliance violations, and minimize the impact of risk events on business performance
  • Better protection of value, optimizing performance
  • Reduction in fraud, waste and Abuse
  • Reduce costs and improve the productivity of compliance, risk, and audit programs to deliver faster time to value and higher ROI

  • Solution embedding existing process
  • Building proative transperancy
  • Balancing risk with opportunity using Cindinic holistic solution
  • Flexible workflow who increase accuracy and predicability
  • Tracking of incident details related to people, assets, and the environment

  • Simplicity : Simplicity of operationnal risk management process
  • Proactive : Proactive identification of risks
  • Visibility : Improved visibility to risks that matter most to the organization
  • Cost-efficient : Improved control mix that addresses key business risks while driving process efficiencies
  • Consistent : Better aligned risk coverage, including the identification of stronger, more pervasive controls

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