The Francfort Consulting Group are always searching for exceptional and ambitious new consultants with a genuine interest for risk management and compliance, combined with a strong drive for solving problems in the manner that’s best for our clients.

The Francfort Consulting Group consultants are among the best in the business. Visiting our offices, you will meet result oriented people with our client’s interests in focus everyone is deeply committed to our profession. You will meet individuals with a high analytical capacity and a knack for quickly adapting to new situations. Most of us have solid backgrounds in Finance, Risk Management, and compliance.

If you want to join us, we welcome your application with your resume and a personal letter to


We are a global consulting company work with companies and government to achieve high performance by combining integrated risk management capabilities and deep knolwlegde of industrie to create and increase economic returns and stakeholder confidence.

We stay close to what affects the business of our clients and each day we find ourselves in exciting and challenging environments within a wide range of different types of companies – from multinational banks and insurance companies, to small fund managers and securities firms. No matter what size or type of business, we always provide advice that will work in practice and lead to clear business benefits for our clients.

The Francfort Consulting Group has a strong and positive company spirit, characterized by commitment, modesty and delivery. We are firm believers in individual freedom and flexibility combined with the strengths and structure of a coordinated group.

At the Francfort Consulting Group, all employees are encouraged to involve themselves and influence the company. Employees here know each other well from working closely in both internal and external projects. As a young company, we are also committed to continue building our proven track record of entrepreneurialism and the mindset that everything is possible.

We have a wealth of knowledge in many industries and service sectors and support you as an external partner with our many experienced staff. Together we will reach your formulated goals whilst our performance-related fees ensure success with only residual risk.