ABOUT The Francfort Consulting Group

We are a global consulting company work with companies and governments to achieve high performance by combining integrated risk management capabilities and deep knolwlegde of industrie to create and increase economic returns and stakeholder confidence.

Our key differentiators in the marketplace include:

  • An Integrated approach with the employees of your business : People are crucial
  • A positive approach via CIP philosophy (Continuous or Cindynic Improvement process)
  • Sustainable on-site implementation : Less paper, more action.
  • Hands-on, down-to-earth consultants : We work with the people and don’t walk over them
  • Clearly defined prospects: Our results are financially measurable
  • We talk your language! Not consulting slang. We are practical consultants
  • Risk free consulting model : A Performance-related contracts :
  • Obligation free first meeting at no costs
  • Cost free pre-analysis/ Quick-Check (2-3 days)
  • Fixed cost detailed analysis (1-3 weeks)
  • Execution stage – success-related fees ( 6-9 months)

We service all areas including production, sales, administration and finance.

The Francfort Consulting Group Approach captures both the financial aspects and the non- financial aspects along with the global impact, reflecting the increasing complexity and correlation of the globalization.

During our projects we make a point of the fact that the implementation includes your employees and is done with them. Only by cooperation we can achieve sustainable change. We start where it is important: People are crucial; a lasting change 
of behaviour is the base.

Why choose The Francfort Consulting Group as your Strategy Consulting Partner ?

You design the future of your business : We make it possible !

We have a wealth of knowledge in many industries and service sectors and support you as an external partner with our many experienced staff. Together we will reach your formulated goals whilst our performance-related fees ensure success with only residual risk.

Whilst there are a large number of purely academically driven consultation firms we not only have the required knowledge but also the hands on experience that separates us from the competition. We will be there to assist in person and gain the necessary information to move your business in the right direction towards reducing risk. All these aspects of our consulting firm verify we are the right partner for you.

We increase productivity !

The tasks vary, but most of our clients want to be more efficient, more successful and increase their profits with less risk- all to stay competitive and increase productivity. This means in the short term we must identify and eliminate risk that prevent success.

In the long term it is important to implement and improve processes that prevent debilitating risk from arising at all. Each area of a business has an influence on risk and it is important to examine the key performance indicators that have an influence on the profit.

Our holistic analysis with our risk mapping of your business will help us gain the required knowledge to determine the processes that need to be implemented in order to achieve your goals. For many, other consulting firms this would be the end of their provided service whilst we ensure these processes are correctly implemented and work effectively toward your objectives.

We optimise resources, reduce risk and idle times !

We work to reduce risk which removes any aspects that constrain your business’ productivity. During an initial meeting we will introduce ourselves and define the schedule for our project. 
In the analysis stage we will determine the current status, pin point weaknesses and seek out potential areas of improvement

Based upon these results we will develop a catalogue of measures and plan the organisational and chronological implementation of all strategies. The implementation of these new processes, systems or adaptations of behaviour, takes not just time, but volition and understanding of all people involved.

We develop controlling rules and key performance indicators with all employees involved as part of a continuous improvement process (CIP). The rules and indicators support acceptance of the strategies and a structured problem-solving approach – plus, they ensure that they will successfully carry forward into your company’s future.

We guarantee upfront clearly defined risk reduction !

When you work with us you will have a target in sight. Together we will work to achieve this goal and our fees are performance based, because we know that we understand our trade.

We guarantee a return on investment ratio after the execution stage of minimum 3:1. That means that you will generate triple the return compared to what you paid us (e.g. cost reduction or turn-over increase) within one year.

These success-related fees of the execution stage motivate us and ensure that we achieve the expected results. On the other hand it is security for you, as you will not pay more for the consulting services than your company will achieve in additional efficiency (return).

We consult renowned medium to large enterprises ; Gorvernment and we are specialized in the following areas:

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Commodities
  • Construction & infrastructure
  • Energy & Environment
  • Financial institutions
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Media & Entertaiment
  • Public sector
  • Retail trade
  • Telecomunication

We service all areas including production, sales, administration and finance.