Nowaday, most company seek new sources of profit. In light of the challenges presented by a sluggish economy and low tolerance for risk.

The Francfort Consulting Group support your organisation to built a vertically integrated structure, controlling all the elements of the collection cycle, we have the specialised strategies, technology and skillset embedded to optimise performance and protect your organisation for delinquant customers, by transforming big data into big insight when approving credit lines with more accurately predict delinquent account.

  • Effective collection strategy
  • Effiency collection policies, and making the recorvery in cash
  • Identification of delinquent customer
  • Etablish a delinquent card
  • Etablish and Interpret the reason for delinquency
  • Improve cash flow
  • Constant and consistent collection activities
  • Frenquency of a delinquency report
  • Determine creditworthiness, and predictive data sources
  • Adjust client credit line without changing you level of risk

For further details regarding The Francfort Consulting Group Delinquent Management features please contact us. We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.